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Currently displayed in Fitness La Woluwe in Brussels, until the 31st of August. Through this set, I wanted to pull a path, both inside oneself and towards the others. A pathway on which you must and need to take your time, to know yourself, where your can stop and look back to the way you've crossed, observe what you lived, your feelings. All this without shame, without any filter, just you truly facing your past and your present.

Iceland seems to be a land to find yourself, a long-lost place of solitude. Yet we quickly find ourselves facing something unexpected, which isn’t actually ourselves.

It is an island wishing to be lost, far from the Western ordeal, the gold rush, and the glory. An island where adventurers rush to, to have their lips left windburnt, their fingers on the ice, their feet on the rocks and the moss. Alone.

And yet, those dreams are melting like the glaciers receding, victims to the greenhouse effect. The island of ice, rather, appears on its way towards the discovery of oneself in the fresh frame of nature and ice, but also and especially in a new stage of an economic Westernization. Despite its more fluid social equality than that on the old continent, Iceland does not avoid the monetary attractions of its tourists, often unwilling to pay attention to the environment, real travelers seeking pseudo-adventures in their comfortable rental cars, but with a low-cost flight, while miles of ice have already disappeared.

Let there be no misunderstanding, however: the development of tourism is important for all, as much for the curious as for the native who has a rent to pay... But do we not miss a step here? Isn't there a need for a deeper development of ecological tourism infrastructures and tourist awareness?

Every place we visit is an ecosystem in and of itself and every visit has the potential to have a profound impact on it. The difference between the adventurer who travels by bike and tents, leaving no waste behind, and the family in a camper van leaving their garbage bags in nature is still much too large. Of course, not every holiday has to be a camping adventure, but let us not forget, even if travelers are on vacation, cleanliness and respect should not.

Through this set I wanted to clear a path, both towards oneself and towards others. A path on which you can and should take your time to get to know yourself, where you can stop and turn around, observe your life, your emotions, interpret without false subterfuge, without any filters imposed by society, to analyze with sincerity what we have gone through. It is more than a quest for adventure, a revival from monotonous daily life: it is a search for oneself, through nature, solitude, and encounters.

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Good evening, I'm Doctor Emmett Brown. I'm standing on the parking lot of Twin Pines Mall. It's Saturday morning, October 26, 1985.
Jack White,
Good evening, I'm Doctor Emmett Brown. I'm standing on the parking lot of Twin Pines Mall. It's Saturday morning, October 26, 1985.
Meg White,
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